Most of us have in the back of our mind the major events that we are likely to face, but experience shows us that not many people have put together a financial plan that makes paying for them easy.

It is quite natural to put off looking too closely at the things that might cost a lot of money in the future, particularly if you don’t feel that you have enough for the everyday things that you need now!

That’s why we have developed Managing Money for Life© – a planning process that considers all of the events that are likely to happen in our clients’ lives. Once the initial planning is complete, we work with clients to put together a strategy that meets their needs.
None of the life phases are more important than others when seen together, but investors may need to do more in the later phases if they didn’t make sufficient progress towards funding their significant life events in the earlier ones.

Our consultants address this issue when carrying out their initial review, and often surprise clients with the suggestions for ‘plugging the gaps’.

The most important thing to remember when considering a LifePlan©, is that each part of the plan has to be structured to fit in with the others – no one solution should be seen in isolation.

          Step 1 | Identify likely life events
          Step 2 | Identify the LifeStages©
          Step 3 | Create your LifePlan©
          Step 4 | Review & manage
          Step 5 | Afford & enjoy your life!